since 1990.




Chad ↴

Screenshot of Chad
Chad. An artificial intelligence chatbot. Screenshot longplay45.


An artificial intelligence chatbot running 100% on your local machine. Key features include support for multiple LLMs like Mistral, Lama2, orca2, Phi, …, built-in conversation memory, and the ability to upload PDFs or images for data-driven dialogues. To see Chad in action, watch the video below.




Pictures of a the video installation
Photos of the installation by Dirk Gremerath and Kunigunde Frey.


Installation for DAF and their anticipated presence at the Stuttgarter Staatsgalerie in December 2023. This installation is designed to recreate the lyrical masterpieces penned by Gabi Delgado, blending the past into the present.



[ interview ] ↴

Screenshot of Interview
Screenshot of Interview by longplay45.
Screenshot of Interview
Screenshot of Interview by longplay45.

[ interview ]

A innovative prototype of a real-time knowledgebase interface, created for quick and intuitive access to complex information resources. This dataset was automaticly created using the Dolphin 2.0 Mistral 7B model covering data analytics, engineering, and science, along with categories such as BI, DA, Excel, IT, ML, Python, and SQL.



Browser ↴

Screenshot of Browser
Screenshot of Browser by longplay45.


100% distraction free native Apple Silicon Browser designed for efficiency and ease of use. Great for public installations.




Picture of the installation
Zeitlupe. Photo by Milla & Partner.

Realtime Video of Zeitlupe. Video by


Dancing flowers in slowmotion. Realtime. This installation offers a unique fusion of nature and technology. Slowing down & inviting visitors to explore and engage with the natural world in an exciting and innovative way.



Lichtknopf ↴

Picture of the installation
Lichtknopf. Photo by Milla & Partner.

Interactive Smart Home Demo of Lichtknopf. Video by Milla & Partner.

Interactive Demo of Lichtknopf controlling an Assistant. Video by Milla & Partner.


Experience the pinnacle of mixed reality, showcasing flawless interaction seamlessly woven into your everyday routines. This is just one among a series of prototypes developed for BOSCH Sensortec.




Picture of the installation
NO_THING. Photo by Milla & Partner.

Interactive Demo of NO_THING. Video by Milla & Partner.


As CAN descripte it: NO_THING - An infrared light framework that turns (almost) anything into a device. It is a framework that transforms everyday objects into interactive displays using reflective foil markers, enabling custom content responses to gestures.



ioKEY ↴

Picture of the installation
Interactive prototype of ioKEY. Photo by Milla & Partner.


Transforming Augmented Reality into Mixed Reality: The very first prototype introducing the intelligent light concept.



This is the AND ↴

Picture of the installation
This is the AND. Photo by Milla & Partner.

This is the AND

This interactive installation and cross-medial communication chain „This is the AND“ was created for the introduction of the new corporate design of Milla & Partner.